Launch Remote Software Career

We offer USD-pegged competitive salaries, remote global excellence, and 1:1 FAANG mentorship. Elevate your skills with world-class opportunities.

Why Leet Pros?

Turbocharge your career

Embrace our remote, high-paying roles, learn from FAANG veterans, and gain invaluable insights into opportunities at U.S. tech giants. We are not just a stepping stone - we are a launchpad.

Remote Work

All our roles are fully remote, giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere and maintain an optimal work-life balance.

Competitive Salary

We offer market competitive salaries pegged to USD to attract the top-tier talent.

Grow with Us

We are at an early stage with tremendous growth potential. As we scale, you will have ample opportunities to accelerate your career.

Work on Your Ideas

Our engineers on the bench work on their own ideas. We provide seed funding, fundraising assistance, and equity in successful ventures.

1:1 Mentorship

Benefit from 1:1 mentorship with our founders having FAANG experience. Receive personalized guidance to help you reach your career goals.

FAANG Referrals

We leverage our network to refer our top performers to FAANG companies, opening doors to life-changing opportunities.

Job Openings

Do you have the leet edge?

We are seeking forward-thinkers, team players, and resilient professionals with a deep sense of ownership. Join us if you value shared achievements, unwavering integrity, and a pursuit of excellence.

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Full Stack Engineer
Dive deep into the intricacies of both frontend and backend development, ensuring seamless integration and creating holistic solutions that bridge user experience with robust system architectures. Apply →
Backend Engineer
Champion the unseen foundations of our applications, engineering reliable, scalable, and efficient systems that handle data, manage user requests, and connect the dots behind the scenes. Apply →
Frontend Engineer
Transform our digital vision into interactive realities, crafting intuitive user interfaces and experiences that captivate, engage, and guide our users with elegance and precision. Apply →

Frequently asked questions

We have compiled answers to some of the most common questions we receive. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to reach us at

What kind of remote opportunities do you offer, and in what technologies?
At the moment, we offer remote roles for Full Stack, Backend, and Frontend Engineers, utilizing cutting-edge technologies in web and mobile development, cloud computing, and more.
How does the USD-pegged salary structure work?
At Leet Pros, salaries are pegged to the U.S. Dollar, ensuring competitive and stable compensation. This structure protects against local currency fluctuations, reflecting our commitment to fairness and the global nature of our remote opportunities.
What are the expectations for work hours and time zones?
We expect our team members to work in the EST time zone to enable collaboration with client teams and ensure seamless communication.
Can I work on personal projects and receive seed funding at Leet Pros?
No, personal projects must align with Leet Pros' process. We provide support for product ideas that fit within our innovation framework and are approved through our evaluation process.
How does the 1:1 mentorship with FAANG-experienced founders and mentors work?
Team members can schedule 1:1 sessions with our FAANG-experienced founders and mentors. These personalized mentorship meetings focus on individual growth plans, and career goals.
What is the company's connection with FAANG companies, and how do the referrals work?
Leet Pros' founders have worked in FAANG companies and use their network to refer top performers to aligned opportunities. Referrals consider skills, career goals, and individual performance, opening pathways to new professional ventures.

About Leet Pros

Leet Pros is a US-based software company founded by professionals with extensive experience at FAANG companies. Our mission is to connect talented engineers in Pakistan with international tech opportunities.

We're in an exciting early stage with enormous potential for growth. As we build our presence and expand our reach, those who join us now have a unique opportunity to be part of this growth journey. They can shape their career paths, take on new challenges, and benefit from the rapid development and success of the company.

At Leet Pros, our engineers get the opportunity to propose and work on their own product ideas, creating a culture of innovation and collaboration. Ideas are evaluated by merit, and selected ones are collectively executed. We support these ventures with seed funding, fundraising assistance, and equity, instilling a sense of ownership among contributing team members.

Mentorship at Leet Pros is tailored to individual needs. Our founders, who have traveled the path from Pakistan to Silicon Valley, are dedicated to helping each team member grow. Through constructive feedback and guidance, we strive to help our team learn from our experiences, and leverage our extensive network to open doors and opportunities, enhancing their professional growth and career prospects.

Join us at Leet Pros, and be part of a team that values creativity, fosters growth, and empowers engineers to reach their full potential. Together, we're not just building products; we're shaping futures and redefining what's possible in the tech industry.